Center for International Exchange

Steering Committee Meeting Reviews matters pertaining to the overall management of the Center, organizational abolishment, budget and settlement of accounts. Plans new exchange programs Reviews propriety of co-sponsorship of international exchange programs
China Liaison Committee Collaborates with CIESC on symposia, etc.
Korean Liaison Committee Collaborates with KIChE on symposia, etc.
Taiwan Liaison Committee Collaborates with TwIChE on symposia, etc.
ASEAN Liaison Committee Collaborates with ASEAN states on symposia, etc.
USA and Canadian Liaison Committee Collaborates with AIChE and CSChE on symposia, etc.
Germany Liaison Committee Collaborates with DECHEMA on symposia, etc.
Indian Liaison Committee Collaborates with IIChE on symposia, etc.
WCEC/APCChE Committee Overseas matters concerning operation of WCEC/APCChE meetings


International Symposia (Sessions in English)

To cooperate with the Headquarter Meeting Executive Committee Chairman in running international symposia (sessions in English) each year.


China Liaison Committee

To continue to seek the holding of new symposia to discuss the future role of CIESC and Japan-China chemical engineering symposia. To hold Committee meetings and informal gatherings approximately four times each year. Active participation in AcheMasia. CIESC’s letter to SCEJ and SCEJ’s letter to CIESC regarding novel Coronavirus. Exchange history between SCEJ and CIESC

Korean Liaison Committee

To hold international symposia on chemical engineering, alternating between the Japan/Korea Student Symposium.

Taiwan Liaison Committee

To plan joint symposia together with the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers (TwIChE).

ASEAN Liaison Committee

To proactively participate in RSCE and in cooperation with the ASEAN Federation of Chemical Engineering Societies (AFChES).

USA and Canadian Liaison Committee

To hold receptions and plan joint sessions at the AIChE meetings. SCEJ-AIChE MOU Signing Ceremony and Seminar was held on June 30, 2016. The details are as follows: Date: June 30, 2016, Thursday, 4:00-7:30 pm Venue: Nakanoshima Festival Tower

<MOU Signers>

SCEJ PresidentMr. Kimikazu Sugawara (Chairman of the Board and Representative Director of the company, Kaneka Corporation)
SCEJ Vice PresidentProf. Tadafumi Adschiri (Tohoku University)
AIChE PresidentProf. Gregory Stephanopoulos (MIT)
AIChE Executive DirectorMs. June C. Wispelwey

<Seminar program>

Metabolic Engineering- Opportunities and Challenges for Biochemical Engineers Prof. Gregory Stephanopoulos (MIT)
Engineering Approach to Adsorption-driven Structure Transition of Nanoporous Materials: Free-energy Analysis based on Molecular Simulation Prof. Minoru Miyahara (Kyoto University)
Opportunities and Benefits of Collaboration between AIChE and SCEJ Ms. June C. Wispelwey (AIChE)
International Activities of SCEJ with AIChE and APCChE Prof. Shuichi Yamamoto (Yamaguchi University)

Germany Liaison Committee

To plan joint forums with DECHEMA headquarter meetings in cooperation with ACHEMA and INCHEM.

WCEC/APPChE Committee

  • To take active participation in APCChE Committee meetings
  • APCChE2017, Hong Kong
  • APCChE2019, Japan
  • APCChE2022, Malaysia

WCCE (World Congress of Chemical Engineering)

  • WCCE10, Barcelona, October 2-6, 2017
  • WCCE11, Buenos Aires, June 19-23, 2022