Journal of Chemical
Engineering of

Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan

Journal of Chemical Engineering of

The JCEJ is a long-established,
international journal published by the Society of Chemical Engineers,Japan.
Benefits of submitting your next paper to the JCEJ include:
Fast peer review : 7 weeks for full papers
Access from around world : Available in over 100 countries
Eligibility for the JCEJ Outstanding Paper Award : Five papers are awarded annually

About SCEJ

The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ) was founded in1936, initiated as The Society of Chemical Machinery Engineers. The mission of SCEJ is to promote the advancement of academic standards in chemical engineering and to facilitate and organize activities of key academic groups. For these purposes SCEJ has a history of providing opportunities to enable industrial, academic and governmental sectors to work, think and plan together in cooperation with related academic societies and associations. Through such activities, we are striving to foster new research and technology development over a wide range of industrial fields including chemical engineering. SCEJ is using the teamwork of our members to realize dreams for the future and benefit of society.

Development of Chemical Engineering Collaboration with Related Academic Associations Professional Development of Chemical Engineers International Exchange Conferences and Papers And at the center, there is the logo of SCEJ