The SCEJ Award Winner


affiliation achievement
Hiroshi INOMATA Tohoku University Prediction of fluid properties and phase equilibria at high pressures


affiliation achievement
Hidehiro KAMIYA Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Interaction control of fine and nanoparticles by interface structure design
Minoru SEKI Chiba University Engineering Research for Bioprocess Innovation


affiliation achievement
Minoru MIYAHARA Kyoto University Chemical Engineering for Nanospace based on Computational Science


affiliation achievement
Tatsuya OKUBO The University of Tokyo Innovation in Synthesis and Production of Zeolites
Motonobu GOTO Nagoya University Study on Separation and Reaction Engineering Using Supercritical Fluid


affiliation achievement
Toshitaka FUNAZUKURI Chuo University Measurements and Prediction of Transport Properties for Fluids/Mixtures under Pressures


affiliation achievement
Masahiro GOTO Kyushu University Creation of Novel Field in Bioengineering Using Surface-active Molecules
Kazuhiro MAE Kyoto University Reaction Engineering Oriented for Environmentally Benign Chemical Technology


affiliation achievement
Eiji IRITANI Nagoya University Research on Solid-Liquid Separation Engineering of Colloids
Toshinori TSURU Hiroshima University Development of porous ceramic membranes and contribution to separation process engineering


affiliation achievement
Hideo KAMEYAMA Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Study on the Development of the Alumite Catalysts, and it’s Applied Technology on the Environment and Energy Fields
Shuichi YAMAMOTO Yamaguchi University Research on Biochromatography Separation Engineering


affiliation achievement
Mikio KONNO Tohoku Univerisity Creation of Bottom-up Processes for Particle-related Materials
Hidetoshi KITA Yamaguchi University Development of Innovate Nano-porous Membranes


affiliation achievement
Shin-ichi NAKAO Kogakuin University Study on Membrane Separation Technology and Development of Hydrogen-based Energy System
Teruyuki NAGAMUNE The University of Tokyo Reserch of Molecular Biochemical Engineers


Tadafumi ADSHIRI Tohoku University WPI
Koichi MIURA Kyoto University


affiliation achievement
Chiaki KURODA Tokyo Institute of Technology Study on Process Intensification Based on Systems Analysis of Fluid Transport Phenomena
Toshinori KOJIMA Seikei University Interdisciplinary and Perspective Chemical Engineering Research Around Global Environment