The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Young Researcher Winner


affiliation achievement
Shusaku ASANO Kyushu University Mechanistic understanding of catalytic reaction utilizing automated flow reactor systems
Ryosuke FUJIWARA RIKEN Development of metabolic engineering technology for the production of valuable chemicals


affiliation achievement
Shuji OHSAKI Osaka Metropolitan University Numerical analysis of powder compression process using computer simulation
Kakeru FUJIWARA Yamagata University Metal-Support Interactions Established by Flame Synthesis for Novel Materials
Hayato MASUDA Osaka Metropolitan University Construction of theory of functions in fluid operation toward food process intensification
Yutaro MORI RIKEN Research on the production of non-naturally useful compounds with rational modification of enzyme substrate specificity


affiliation achievement
Junichi SAKABE Chuo University Development of the next generation secondary batteries with high capacity and stability porous amorphous silicon films
Eita SHOJI Tohoku University Study on correlation between melt convection and phase separation structure of Cu-based alloys
Hiroyasu FUJITSUKA Tokyo Institute of Technology Development of carbon-supported metal catalysts using ion exchange resins as precursor of carbon support for highly fast and selective hydrogen production
Takuya YAMAMOTO Tohoku University Investigation on basic phenomena to construct design criteria of sonochemical process


affiliation achievement
Kenta IYOKI The University of Tokyo Development of Stabilization Technology for Zeolites via Liquid-mediated Concerted Interaction
Ikuo USHIKI Hiroshima University Physical properties of metal precursors in the bulk and nano spaces for design of supercritical fluid deposition processes
Shohei TADA Ibaraki University Application of Amorphous Materials to CO2 Utilization Technology
Shuhei NODA RIKEN Research for microbial process to produce valuable chemicals
Yasushi MINO Okayama University Development of simulation model for particle dynamics at fluid interfaces


affiliation achievement
Takahiro NOMURA Hokkaido University Development of next-generation latent heat storage and transportation technology for high-temperature application
Yuichiro HIROTA Osaka University Development of organosilica membranes with ionic liquid like properties and studies of their gas and vapor permeation mechanism
Tatsuya FUJII National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Development of fast extraction and separation process using supercritical CO2


affiliation achievement
Seiichi OHTA The University of Tokyo Development of novel biomedical particles based on particle shape-dependent interaction with living body
Daisuke SAEKI Shinshu University Evaluation and prevention of dynamic biofouling behavior on reverse osmosis membrane processes
Keishi SUGA Osaka University Study on Preparation and Characterization of Cubosomal Gel and Its Application
Daigo YAMAMOYO Doshisha University Micromotor Driven by Catalytic Reaction with Organic Compounds


affiliation achievement
Haruyuki ISHII Tohoku University Environmentally-friendly syntheses of monodisperse polymer nanoparticles
Hiroki NAGASAWA Hiroshima University Low-temperature fabrication of silica membrane using atmospheric-pressure plasma and its application for gas separation
Takahiko MOTEKI The University of Tokyo Ethanol upgrading via cascade C-C bond formation reactions
Ryosuke YAMADA Osaka Prefecture University Optimization of the global metabolic pathway and its application for bio-based chemicals production


affiliation achievement
Yoshiaki UCHIDA Osaka University Fabrication and Application of Functional Fluid Microcapsules
Hirokazu SETO Fukuoka University Development of Bioseparating and Biosensing Materials using Biomolecular Recognition
Ratna BALGIS Hiroshima University Spray Route to Synthesize Nanostructured Carbon Particle for Energy and Environmental Application
Watcharop CHAIKITTISILP The University of Tokyo Rational Synthesis of Nanoporous Materials by Controlling Interactions between Organic Structure-Directing Agents and Inorganic Species


affiliation achievement
Yasunori KIKUCHI The University of Tokyo Design and Assessment of Social Systems Considering Sustainability
Nobuo HARA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Development and Permeation Properties of Metal-Organic Framework-based Gas Separation Membrane


affiliation achievement
Takayuki TAKEI Kagoshima University Development of Novel Functional Hydrogels for Bioengineering and Biomedical Applications
Ruri HIDEMA Kobe University Effects of Extention of Polymers on Turbulent Drag Reduction Analyzed by Film Interference Flow Imaging
Hiromasa KANEKO The University of Tokyo Soft Sensors for Improvement of Control Performance in Chemical Plants


affiliation achievement
Daisuke KOBAYASHI Tokyo University of Science Design of New Chemical Reaction Process Using Stimuli Responsive Carrier
Atsushi IIZUKA Tohoku Univerisity Development of a New Recycling Process of Alkali Wastes with a Carbonic Acid Treatment
Susumu INASAWA Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Growth Kinetics of Needle-like Sillicon Wires via the Zinc Reduction of SiCl4
Nandiyanto Asep Bayu Dani Hiroshima University


affiliation achievement
Takashi OGI Hiroshima University Synthesis and Structuralization of Phosphor Particle Materials for Control of Photoluminescence Properties
Akihiko TERADA Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Biofilm Control by Substratum Surface Modification and Application to Environmental Biotechnology
Keizo NAKAGAWA Fukushima University Improvement in the Catalytic Property of Metal Nanoparticles by Surface Covering
Hidehiko HIRAKAWA The University of Tokyo Bottom-up Construction of Functional Multiprotein Complexes
Tetsuya YAMAMOTO Hiroshima University Evaluation of Particle Properties by AFM and Development of Wet Classification Process


affiliation achievement
Nobuaki AOKI Tohoku University Design Methodology for Microreactors Based on Mixing of Fluid Segments
Kazunori NAKASHIMA Tohoku University Development of Novel Enzyme Reaction Process Using Ionic Liquid
Shunsuke HASHIMOTO Osaka University Experimental Study on Geometric Structure of Isolated Mixing Region in Impeller Agitated Vessel
Takeshi MOMOSE The University of Tokyo Development of Novel Metal Thin Film Fabrication Technology Using Supercritical Fluid
Satoshi WATANABE Kyoto University Exploration of Anomalous Self-Regulating Characteristics in Colloidal Convective Assembly and Formation of Periodic Structured Particulate Films