The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Research Achievement Winner


affiliation achievement
Taichi ITO The University of Tokyo Chemical engineering-based development of new biomedical materials and their applications to advanced disease treatments
Koyo NORINAGA Nagoya University A predictive approach in reaction engineering for designing carbon resource conversion process including multi-component mixtures with elementary reaction based chemical kinetic modeling
Tatsuo MARUYAMA Kobe University Study on the peptide-based functional low-molecular-weight gelators and their novel physiological activities


affiliation achievement
Mikio SAKAI The University of Tokyo Development of innovative numerical methods for granular and multi-phase flows and their applications to next-generation manufacturing
Takayuki HIRAI
Osaka University Design of Heterogeneous Photocatalysts with Active Surfaces and Their Application to High Difficulty Reduction Reactions
Katsutoshi HORI Nagoya University Microbial adhesion and the construction of innovative immobilized microbial processes


affiliation achievement
Tomohisa YOSHIOKA Kobe University Study on molecular transport phenomena in microporous membranes by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics and its application to development of microporous ceramic membranes


affiliation achievement
Teruoki TAGO Tokyo Institute of Technology Research on Enhancing the Activity of Zeolite-Based Solid Catalysts by Controlling Crystal Size of Zeolite and Location of Metal Particles
Norikazu NISHIYAMA Osaka University Design of ordered nanospace materials and their applications to reaction and separation


affiliation achievement
Hiroshi UMAKOSHI Osaka University Study on Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering Utilizing Self-Organized Membrane as a Platform of Molecular Recognition and Conversion
Naomi SHIBASAKI-KITAKAWA Tohoku University Reaction process engineering research for synthesis of poorly water-soluble esters


affiliation achievement
Masamichi KAMIHIRA Kyushu University Development of Cell and Tissue Engineering Techniques for Biomedical Applications
Noriho KAMIYA Kyushu University Biomolecular engineering based on biocatalytic reactions


affiliation achievement
Shuji MATSUSAKA Kyoto University Characterization and Control of Electrostatic Charging of Particulate Materials


affiliation achievement
Akihisa SHIOI Doshisha University Design of Chemical Systems with Spatiotemporal Pattern Formation under Nonequilibrium
Masahiko HIRAO The University of Tokyo Process Systems Engineering Research for the Realization of the Sustainable Social System


affiliation achievement
Mitsuhiro OHTA Tokushima University Detailed Elucidation of Flow Characteristics and Mechanism of Single Bubbles and Drops Rising Through Viscous Fluids
Takeshi OMASA Osaka University Cell Engineering for Biologics Production


affiliation achievement
Hideto YOSHIDA Hiroshima University Reserch of High Performance Particle Classification by Use of Local Fluid Flow Control and Electrostatic Field


affiliation achievement
Koichi TERASAKA Keio University Study on Microbubbles for Industrial Applications
Minoru MIYAHARA Kyoto University Mechanisms of Phase Transition of Nano-confined Fluids and Adsorption-Induced Structural Transition of Coordination Nanospace
Jun-Ichiro HAYASHI Kyusyu University Research on Reaction and Process for Carbon Resources Conversion


Hiroshi INOMATA Tohoku University
Hiroyuki HONDA Nagoya University
Takeo YAMAGUCHI Tokyo Institute of Technology


affiliation achievement
Akira ITO Tokyo Institute of Technology Gas and Vapor Separation by Liquid Membranes
Minoru SEKI Chiba University Studies on Micro-Scale Fluid Manipulations and SeparationMethods Using Microfluidic Systems
Takao TSUKADA Tohoku University A Study on Precise Analysis and Evaluation of Heat Transfer Characteristics in High Temperature Processing of Molten Materials