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Notice to Authors: Notification of ORCID iD Implementation
As of July 1, ORCID iD can be registered or added when submitting manuscripts to the Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan. The ORCHID iD will appear in the published manuscript. The editorial board of the journal encourage not only the corresponding author, but all contributing authors, to register or add their ORCID iD. Please visit http://www.orcid.org to learn more.
» Physical Properties and Physical
» Transport Phenomena and
    Fluid Engineering
» Particle Engineering
» Separation Engineering
» Thermal Engineering
» Chemical Reaction Engineering
» Process Systems Engineering and
» Biochemical Food and Medical
» Micro and Nano Systems
» Materials Engineering and Interfacial
» Energy
» Environment
» Engineering Education
From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, the average time from receipt to final decision was 5.8 weeks.

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